Verdant Apartments

The project is comprised of 498 residential units residing in three 4 and 5 story buildings over two levels of parking garage. The upper level parking garage is lined with 21,000 square feet of retail, as well as residential units with direct pedestrian connection to the public sidewalk and to a common corridor inside the building providing direct connection to the parking garage. Each building also has a presence at the street level via a pedestrian entry lobby. The project also provides 5 monumental stairs connecting the podium level open space with the public sidewalks, which allows additional convenient pedestrian circulation to and from the site.  The commercial retail component of the project allows for yet another interface between the building and its surroundings utilizing landscape / hardscape elements and low walls to define the grade level usable open space and provide for sidewalk seating and a lively frontage.  Regarding the architecture of project; elements and detailing of Mediterranean revival and Spanish colonial revival have been employed throughout the project which offers a cohesive connection to the surrounding environment and the overall theme of the neighborhood.

Project Data


Fairfield Residential Company LLC