Newport Place Residential

Project is located in the City of Newport, California a couple of blocks away from John Wayne Airport. A series of preliminary studies has been done, ultimately the site was designed to accommodate a maximum of 384 dwelling units on landscaped podium over a garage structure and a restaurant and shops, with parking or partial parking on grade.

The project includes a Commercial Retail/Restaurant as well as 384 multifamily residential units in (4) above podium levels plus “liner” units surrounding the upper garage floor. The challenge was to provide 30′ setback while maintaining connectivity, that was achieved by widening the sidewalks and adding stoops to the “liner” units for better interaction between the sidewalk and the building. Residential offices and club and fitness room are located at the corner of the intersection of the two main streets which would enhance the corner and offer a viewing deck and a roof garden with gazebos and landscaping to allow for different gatherings for the private and public occasions.

Project Data