Mr. Jabbari was born in 1946 in Tehran, Iran. He received his Masters degree in architecture from the Tehran University. During his attendance in college he also worked at the Building and Construction Department of Red Lion and Sun. Later Mr. Jabbari went into private practice which continued until the 1979, the time of revolution in Iran, upon which he migrated to the United States and took residence in San Diego, California. Between November 1979 and June 1987 he joined three architectural firms in San Diego.

In 1987 he started his own practice under the name ARK Architecture and Planning which was later changed to ARK Architects Inc. Mr. Jabbari has designed variety of projects such as Hospitals, Commercial offices, Hospitality complexes, Mixed Use projects, Commercial Office buildings, Commercial Retail, Master Planning, and Multi Family Residential, apartment and condominium projects, as well as Independent Living and Inclusionary housing. Many of Mr. Jabbari designs have won awards and received recognition.